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Fujifilm: GFX 50R Body

GFX 50R Body


4598.00 CHF

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Kompakte Mittelformat-Sucherkamera
Etwas kleiner, leichter und günstiger als die GFX 50S.


  • 51,4 Megapixel Sensor im G Format 43,8 x 32,9 mm

  • X-Prozessor Pro

  • Elektronischer Sucher mit 3,69 Millionen Bildpunkten

  • Klappbarer 8,1 cm LCD-Touchscreen mit 2,36 Millionen Bildpunkten

  • Filmsimulationsmodi

  • Mechanischer Schlitzverschluss bis 1/4.000 Sek.

  • Elektronischer Verschluss bis 1/16.000 Sek.

  • Kontrast-Autofokus

  • ISO-Empfindlichkeit 100 bis 12.800 (erweitert bis 102.400)

  • Wi-Fi-Funktion

  • Full HD-Video (1080p)

  • Spritzwasser- und staubgeschützt

  • Kälteresistent bis minus 10 Grad

  • Gewicht: 775 Gramm

  • Rangefinder Style
    The rangefinder style design allows you to keep your eye on a subject while looking through the viewfinder with the other eye. This enables checking and feeling the atmosphere of the scene around your subject matter, shown in the EVF.

    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R's magnesium alloy camera body is dust- and water-resistant while also being able to withstand low temperatures. Despite carrying a large image sensor, the camera is compact, lightweight and extremely durable. The GFX 50R rangefinder style design, weighing just 775g, makes it astonishingly compact and lightweight despite being a medium format digital camera, especially when fitted with a compact lens. Weather seals on the inside of the camera body means it is made to withstand dust and moisture and low temperatures. That makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of tough shooting conditions, as well as in-studio.

    The compact and lightweight GFX body is designed with attention to detail to achieve advanced functionality and elegance at the same time. Examples of this can be seen in the optimized shapes of individual components, surface texture of the magnesium alloy body, and the use of rubber material for a more comfortable grip. Operation dials, including the shutter speed dial, are milled out of aluminum blocks for premium texture. Extra attention has been given to the internal structure and fine adjustments have been applied to individual operations, as evident in the clicking sensation and sound. The more you use the camera, the more comfortable it becomes.

    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R features a 43.8x32.9mm CMOS medium format sensor: a product of Fujifilm's rich history, cutting-edge digital technology and extensive knowledge of medium format film cameras. Boasting an effective resolution of 51.4 million pixels and paired with high-performance GF lenses, the sensor delivers superior tones and sharpness that will impress professional photographers shooting in the world of commercial, fashion or landscapes.

    Both the shape of the light-gathering micro-lenses and the processing from the photodiodes have been optimized to achieve a high level of sharpness and broad dynamic range. The lowest native ISO sensitivity of 100 and the 14-stop dynamic range, achieved with 14-bit RAW data, delivers high definition images in a variety of conditions with notably rich skin tones and intricate foliage detail.

    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R sports the X-Processor Pro image processing engine, capable of drawing the very best out of the 51.4 megapixel sensor. Its advanced processing accelerates and optimizes the camera's performance in a variety of areas including stunning color reproduction with Fujifilm's unique Film Simulation modes, in-camera RAW conversion to the 8-bit TIFF format, accurate contrast AF, quick startup time, and minimal shutter release time lag and shooting intervals between frames.

    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R uses the G Mount, which has a mount diameter of 65mm, flange back distance of 26.7mm and minimum back focus distance of 16.7mm. It uses as many as 12 electronic contact points for sending and receiving data, plus it supports the use of a wide variety of lenses and accessories. The short back focus distance, made possible because of the Fujifilm mirrorless system's structure, affords greater freedom in lens design to contribute to the development of fast, compact and high-performance GF lenses while preventing vignetting to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness.

    Image Formats
    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R saves pictures in a variety of formats and quality, including two sizes and three compression levels of JPEGs, as well as compressed/uncompressed RAW. Even when you are shooting only in RAW, the camera records 12-megapixel thumbnails at the same time. Its in-camera RAW conversion function also enables RAW files processing with the ability to save them as 8-bit TIFFs.

    Enable to shoot central 36.0mm x 24.0mm (30.5M) cropped images as both JPEG and RAW files. When using 35mm format adapters, it will be easier to adjust the image size to 35mm format image circle lenses.

    ISO Sensitivity
    The standard ISO sensitivity range is ISO100-12800, with extended sensitivities of ISO50, ISO25600, ISO51200 and ISO102400 also available. RAW format is supported at all these ISO settings. The AUTO function allows you to set the standard ISO, low shutter speed limit and upper ISO limit, and configure AUTO 1 - 3 settings according to shooting conditions.

    White Balance
    White balance can be set as Auto, Preset, Custom or Color Temperature settings. RB color coordinates can be used to shift the white balance for fine tuning color balance. Up to three custom white balance settings can also be stored.upper ISO limit, and configure AUTO 1 - 3 settings according to shooting conditions.

    Film Simulation
    Developed with Fujifilm's color producing know-how over 80 years of photographic film manufacturing, Film Simulation allows you to reproducing a variety of colors and tones as if using different photographic films.

    The newly-developed focal-plane shutter is the world's first specifically designed for medium format mirrorless cameras. It is a low-noise mechanical shutter that withstands 150,000 actuations**, offers shutter speeds up to 1/4000 sec and has an electronic first curtain. Choose from three shutter types, including an electronic shutter.

    TTL Contrast AF is available in Single Point, Zone and Wide/Tracking modes. In the Single Point mode, the camera offers up to 425 Focus Points and six different Focus Area sizes. Select the minimum size for pinpoint focusing.

    The combination of settings on the Shutter Speed Dial and Aperture Ring allow you to switch between four different exposure modes: Aperture Priority AE (A), Shutter Speed Priority AE (S), Program AE (P) and Manual. As dials are used for main exposure settings, you can adjust settings even when the camera is turned off. The Command Position (C/T) also enables Command Dial operations.

    Continuous Shooting
    In continuous shooting mode, the FUJIFILM GFX 50R can shoot at up to 3.0 fps until the memory card fills up in JPEG, up to 8 frames in RAW, and up to 13 frames in compressed RAW.

    Flash Shooting
    Flash sync speed is up to 1/125sec. When using the optional EF-X500 or compatible third party studio flash, which supports FP mode, flash sync can be as fast as 1/4000sec. (the maximum shutter speed possible with the mechanical shutter). The camera also caters to a variety of flash settings including multiple flash lighting.

    Custom Buttons and Menus
    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R features customizable Fn buttons. Different options can also be asigned to Short Cut Q (Quick) menu items. Frequently used set tings can be registered in My Menu while Custom Registration allows you to save and rename Film Simulation and image quality settings.

    Drive Menu
    Use the Drive button to quickly switch between different modes such as Burst, Bracketing and Video.

    Dual Card Slot
    Both slots support high-speed UHS-II cards. They can be assigned to store files according to their format, e.g. JPEG, RAW or Movie.

    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R is supplied with a 3.69M-dot EVF with 100% coverage. It uses dedicated rich lens elements to achieve extremely high definition finder live view and offers a diopter adjustment range of -4m to?2m.

    LCD Monitor
    The rear 2.36M-dot LCD monitor measures 3.2 inches and offers 100% coverage. The smart touchscreen panel enables intuitive operation and tilts in two directions for easy framing and shooting from high or low angles.

    Full HD Video
    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R supports Full HD video recording (1920x1080, 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p, 36Mbps) and HD video recording (1280x720, 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p, 18Mbps). Film Simulation effects, such as ACROS for ultra high-quality monochrome and CLASSIC CHROME for a documentary-themed look, can also be applied to video.

    Wireless Connectivity
    Install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on your smartphone or tablet to carry out a location data search, remotely control the camera and transfer or view in-camera images, all without having to enter a password. This functionality is also useful when shooting landscapes with the camera mounted on a tripod

    3D Electronic Level
    This electronic level uses a 3D system and is highly effective for architecture or landscape photography, when the accuracy of horizontal and vertical lines is crucial.

    RGB Histogram
    The FUJIFILM GFX 50R can display four types of histograms: RGB and brightness, each with or without highlight warnings.

    Interval Timer Shooting
    Sample unique shooting styles including fixed-point photography, time lapse and self-timer images with controls over shooting interval, total number of frames and shutter delay. You can set an interval between 1 sec - 24 hours for shooting 1 - infinity frames.

    Copyright Data for EXIF
    Use the touchscreen panel to enter "Author" and "Copyright" to automatically add this information to the file's EXIF data.
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