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Fujifilm: X-Pro2 Body

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X-Pro2 Body



1444.00 CHF

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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Kit mit XF 18mm F2 R
Fujifilm X-Pro2 Kit mit XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS
Fujifilm X-Pro2 Kit mit XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro

Die Fujifilm X-Pro2 bietet jetzt noch mehr Perfektion

Die Fujifilm X-Pro2 kommt als Nachfolger der Profi-Systemkamera X-Pro1. Das Flaggschiff der X-Serie ist die einzige Systemkamera mit Multi-Hybrid-Optischem-Sucher. Der neu entwickelte X-Trans CMOS III Sensor weist eine Auflösung von 24,3 Megapixeln auf und arbeitet perfekt mit dem neuen X Prozessor Pro zusammen.


  • Neu APS-C X-Trans CMOS III Sensor

  • Neu X Prozessor Pro

  • Neu Verbesserter Multi-Hybrid-Optischer-Sucher

  • Neu 1/8000 Sek. kürzeste Verschlusszeit

  • Neu Filmsimulationsmodi (ACROS)

  • Neu 7x7 Phasenerkennung AF-Bereich

  • Neu komprimiertes RAW Dateiformat

  • Spritzwasser- und staubgeschützt

  • Kälteresistent bis minus 10 Grad Celsius

  • ISO-Empfindlichkeit bis 51.200

  • Zweifacher SD-Karten-Slot

  • 24,3 Millionen Pixeln

  • 7,6 cm LC-Display mit 1,62 Millionen Pixeln

  • Full HD-Video (1080p)

  • Intervallaufnahme

  • WiFi-Funktion

  • Image Quality
    The FUJIFILM X-Pro2: delivering a new level of X-series photo quality by combining the brand new X-Trans CMOS III sensor and X-Processor Pro engine.

    New X-Trans CMOS III
    The newly-developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor boasts the highest ever pixel count for an X-Series camera. Combined with an XF lens, it delivers images with a perceived resolution far greater than the number of pixels used. In addition, the phase detection pixels have been positioned over a larger area for a faster, more precise phase detection AF performance. High ISO sensitivity performance has also been improved to the point that the whole sensitivity range — up to the maximum ISO 12,800 (Extended output sensitivity up to 51,200) — can now be used with confidence.

    New X Processor Pro
    Thanks to the newly-developed X-Processor Pro engine, processing speeds are now approximately four times faster than a conventional model. This maximizes the capabilities of the X-Trans CMOS III sensor to ensure it delivers the highest image quality with super-fast response times. In addition, thanks to the high-speed reading technology of the sensor, the conventional EVF's display speed of 54fps has been increased to a maximum of 85fps*. This substantially reduces the image delay phenomenon when tracking a moving subject. Blackout time after release has also been reduced by approximately half and compressed RAW is supported, improving the ease-of-handling of RAW data. The FUJIFILM X-Pro2 features a new CPU for high-speed processing. The Buffer memory has also been increased for an even faster response.

    Compressed RAW
    By using compressed RAW files, performance and functionality now meets the needs of professional photographers, including faster live view and even higher definition movies.

    Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
    Photographers love looking through a viewfinder to take photos, which is why X-Series models have used finders from the very start. Combining the advantages of both an OVF and an EVF, Fujifilm has perfected the Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder with three viewing options. Now you can return to the roots of photography with the only viewfinder of its kind in the world.

    Accentuate your subject. For photographers, focusing is an important job. Although AF now reacts faster than the human eye, the appeal and level of trust in MF will never disappear. Manually operating the focus ring to pick out a specific element in the frame is often crucial. Speed isn't always everything.

    No photographer wants to take their eye from the viewfinder for fear of missing the perfect shot. With this in mind, key design aspects have been concentrated on the camera's right side. The major exposure settings are available on a dial for quick fingertip control. Changes can also be made while the camera is switched off, so users will always be ready for the next photo opportunity. Thanks to the simplicity of the FUJIFILM X-Pro2, you'll soon be creating masterpieces.

    Dual-Function ISO Dial
    The shutter speed and ISO dials have now been combined into one dial, which is reminiscent of those found on old film cameras. Changing the ISO is done by lifting the outer portion of the dial. Now all exposure settings can be performed with dials.

    Coated in the same semi-gloss paint as the X-Pro1, the luxurious body of this new flagship model is made from highly robust magnesium alloy, which feels both solid and reliable in the hand. The dials are milled from aluminum and operating with a re-assuring click. In addition, the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 has many pre-requisites of a professional camera, including dust-resistance, water-resistance and the ability to work in low-temperatures thanks to the 61 weatherproof seals around the body. Shoot with confidence, no matter what the weather.

    Dual SD Card Slots
    The FUJIFILM X-Pro2 is the first mirrorless camera to offer dual SD card slots for highly reliable data storage. Slot 1 is compatible with UHS-II standards for excellent write speeds. One of three recording methods can be selected: sequential, backup and RAW / JPEG sorting.

    With a choice of 5 different auto bracketing functions (AE, ISO Sensitivity, Dynamic Range, Film Simulation and White Balance), you are ready to explore a whole world of photographic effects with just one press of the shutter.

    Multiple exposure
    The camera supports multiple exposure capture, which allows you to take two frames and combine them for an artistic effect. You can display the first shot on the LCD screen while framing and shooting the second for perfect alignment. Film Simulation effects also apply in this mode.

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